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Increase your monthly recurring revenue using Groove’s all-in-one SEO software for agencies. Easily sell and deliver exceptional SEO to your clients utilizing your existing team only. No SEO experience necessary.

Say ‘yes’ the next time a client asks for SEO.

Manage your client’s SEO using Groove’s all-in-one SEO suite that’s easy for anyone to use, or sell your own branded do-it-yourself SEO platform to clients with smaller budgets. With Groove’s agency-focused features you can cater for all client budgets.

Manage SEO, without being a specialist or using multiple tools.

Groove’s powerful all-in-one platform guides you through the core elements of any SEO campaign – no prior SEO experience necessary. It builds a strategy for your clients’ website, helps you to implement SEO changes with monthly actions, and creates monthly branded reports you can send to your clients from within the platform.

“The Groove platform is incredible. The tool is just what my agency needed to start offering practical and effective SEO services. The interface is great.” (Brad Alexander, Clarity Always Wins)

Offer a new, low-cost SEO solution with white-label.

Do you turn clients away due to low budgets? Offer them a lower-cost solution with your very own ‘do-it-yourself’ SEO platform. Utilizing Groove’s white-label features you can add your agency branding, create a custom domain, add live chat and create unlimited users. Your customers will never know it’s not your own platform.

“I only focus on SEO as a service, so the ability to have my own SEO platform that I can then pass onto my clients has been a winning factor.” (Alice Widger, MilkIt Digital)

Use your juniors to manage the SEO, in less than an hour a day.

Use their junior members to deliver SEO via Groove’s all-in-one agency platform. Groove was built to allow anyone to optimize any website via our simple and easy-to-follow instructions, and get results with less than one hour per day.

“This easy-to-follow approach helps us grow our SEO apprentices into some of the experts we have in the team today.” (Matthew Dorrington, Blue Moxie)

Need to sell more SEO? You need our audit tool.

Embed our SEO audit tool directly onto your website and start turning your website visitors into leads. Fully white-labelled for your agency, it’s the exact same audit tool we use for Groove.

“The free SEO audit is a great lead generator too, and I’ve had nothing but compliments on how great it is and the level of detail it gives.” (Alice Widger, MilkIt Digital)

Flexible pricing that levels up only as you grow.

With Groove you only pay for the clients you want to add into the platform. It’s completely flexible, with no long-term contracts; every website you add you pay for the month upfront and can remove a website at any time. Plus the price per website reduces the more you add!

“We love the cost structure where our monthly license fee reduces the more clients/websites we put onto the platform” (Ro Pimlott, Zephi)

Need extra resource? Use our on-demand expert team.

Not enough time this month to complete all of your client’s SEO actions? If you need help with any SEO – content creation, on-site changes, backlink building, local SEO and more – you can use the Groove team. No long term contracts, we’ll do what you need and when.

“Groove has revolutionized the way we handle managing client SEO strategies. Andy and the team provide exemplary customer service and we feel more like partners than clients.” (Kate Edberg, Terrier Tenacity)

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If your business has clients that trust you and can make the link between what you already do and SEO, then Groove is a perfect platform to help you launch, maintain and grow your SEO income. .

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We know how to sell and deliver SEO.

Here at Groove we’ve created a resource for agencies who want to start delivering SEO. We’re creating content and guides that will help cover all areas of SEO client management.

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Price is per website, per month

  • Full Access to All Features
  • Unlimited Users at No Cost
  • Bolt-on White Label
  • Tiered pricing discounts
  • Love it or get a full refund, 14-day money-back guarantee.
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All websites added to your agency account can be removed at any time.

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