Going from ZERO to $48,000 in just 4 months

Learn how Ultimate Swag went from an absolute start up to almost $50k in sales in just 4 months.  Outranking competitors that have been in business locally for 10+ years.

The Challenge

Helping Ultimate Swag as a brand new startup compete against multiple local competitors with 10+ years experience and local presence.

Ultimate Swag, a startup in the embroidery and screen printing industry, faced the daunting task of entering a highly competitive market without a website, online history, or a Google Business profile. Their complete absence from the online landscape meant they were invisible to potential customers who increasingly turn to the internet for business discovery, research, and engagement. With established competitors dominating the online search space, limited brand awareness, and no local visibility, the challenge was not just to establish an online presence but to compete effectively and grow their business in Mooresville, NC.

The Strategy

Design a consumer friendly, high impact, and conversion focused website. Implement high intent on page SEO, technical SEO, Off page SEO, and laser optimized Google Business Profile.

Having a click-worthy consumer centric website is crucial to any company’s online success.  Once we completed that task we devised a comprehensive SEO strategy tailored to Ultimate Swag’s unique challenges. This strategy encompassed thorough keyword research to identify high-impact keywords, on-page optimization, and content enhancement to make the website more search-engine-friendly. Local SEO tactics, including the creation and optimization of a Google My Business profile and local directory listings, were implemented to improve local visibility. Furthermore, our team conducted a successful link-building campaign to enhance the website’s credibility. 

Proven Results

$50,000 in sales in under 4 months.  800% increase in traffic. Generating multiple online quotes each week with a current average of 2 to 5 daily phone calls for the companies main services screen printing and embroidery.

Groove SEO’s time-tested Google trust based strategic techniques proved effective in helping Ultimate Swag land on page 1 of Google, rank #1 for many keywords in Maps, and instantly take business from 10 year old competitors.  Daily phone calls are up 300%, email inquiries have doubled, and quote requests are normal. The ability to scale their SEO efforts and eventually add paid ads will be easier and more successful. 


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Top 10 Keywords


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SEO optimization, a Local SEO strategy, on page, off page, links, review management, and successful content writing has proven to be a game-changer for Ultimate Swag, transforming it from a hidden gem into a well-recognized and successful local business in Mooresville, NC in just 5 short months. By improving online visibility and attracting more potential customers, Ultimate Swag was able to expand its reach and grow its customer base truly competing with similar businesses with established presence in the area of over 10 years plus.

If you are looking to boost your online presence, attract local customers, and achieve remarkable results like Ultimate Swag, we can help you implement a tailored SEO strategy to take your screen print and embroidery business to the next level.

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Despite being a startup facing real challenges trying to compete in an industry that has high competition, the team at Groove SEO managed to help my dreams come true.  We’ve been placed on NBC news, USA TODAY, and many more.  The results that Kelly, Will, and the team at Groove SEO have delivered is truly invaluable and I’ll forever be greatful.  I can’t recommend them enough.

Brandy Brooks

Partner, Ultimate Swag

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