How another start up went from nothing to $250,000 in 3 months

Learn how World Class Docks went from nothing to a quarter of a million dollars in sales in 3 months.  Competing with local businesses with 10+ years experience.

The Challenge

Helping World Class Docks enter a market with high demand but requires history and proven work to succeed.

World Class Docks is not just a startup in the industry.  A very experienced dock builder with success in building hundreds of docks on Lake Norman for other companies decided to break off on his own and do the work direct.  However, he didn’t have a website, any online presence or marketing experience at all.   We had to help create his digital business and footprint from scratch in order to compete with businesses with an established practice in the area for years.  Finding a creative way to package up and deliver his personal history under a new brand was the goal.

The Strategy

Take personal history and turn it into a consumer focused and high converting website able to portray experience and history instead of being a typical startup. We have to purely focus on trust based intent with Google to be able to compete instantly.

We started from scratch utilizing past projects of the owners to create an amazing display of experience and history of building docks on Lake Norman.  Once finished with the site, we completed a comprehensive SEO strategy exclusive to World Class Docks’ unique situation.  We did a deep dive into keyword research as well as pick apart the local competitors digital strategies to make the website more search-engine-friendly and earn trust with Google as if it was not brand new.  Local SEO strategies, including the creation and optimization of a Google My Business profile and local directory listings, had to be implemented in order to improve local visibility. We finished off with a thorough link-building plan to further enhance the website’s credibility with Google and get them ranking quickly. 

Proven Results

$250,000 in sales in under 3 months.  A high ticket business like this doesn’t get thousands of leads.  It only takes one or two jobs to create a years worth of work.  So this system was not focused on amount of leads or increase in traffic.  It had to be laser focused on catching high intent searchers looking for the service in the right place at the right time.

Groove SEO’s time-tested Google trust based strategic techniques proved effective in helping World Class Docks land on page 1 of Google, rank #1 for many keywords in Maps, and instantly take business from 10 year old competitors.  The industry is not one with thousands of leads, phone calls, or form fills.  It is one of very specific high intent searchers looking for a credible business.  We had to make sure we didn’t try and just increase traffic and phone calls that didn’t have a need for a new or renovated dock.  So this one focused on laser targeted search in order to close a few a year as high ticket deals. 



SEO optimization, a Local SEO strategy, review management, and successful content writing has proven to be a game-changer for World Class Docks, transforming it from a hidden gem into a well-recognized and successful local business in Mooresville, NC in just 3 short months. By improving online visibility and attracting more potential customers, World Class Docks was able to expand its reach and grow its customer base truly competing with similar businesses with established presence in the area of over 10 years plus.

If you are looking to boost your online presence, attract local customers, and achieve remarkable results like World Class Docks, we can help you implement a tailored SEO strategy to take your business to the next level.

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Despite being a startup facing real challenges trying to compete in an industry that has high competition, the team at Groove SEO managed to help my dreams come true.  We’ve been placed on NBC news, USA TODAY, and many more.  The results that Kelly, Will, and the team at Groove SEO have delivered is truly invaluable and I’ll forever be greatful.  I can’t recommend them enough.

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