See how we increased a local plumbers phone calls over 1200%

Learn how Total Plumbing needed leads and tried multiple agencies including paid ads before Groove was hired.

The Challenge

Total Plumbing was in need of increasing their local leads and phone calls for plumbing services.  They tried paid ads, social media, and some SEO with multiple agencies with no luck. 

Total Plumbing, a reputable local plumbing company in Mooresville, NC, faced a twofold challenge. First, despite their strong offline presence and stellar reputation, they struggled to gain traction online. Their website failed to rank prominently in search engine results, making it difficult for potential customers to find them when seeking plumbing services. Second, they operated in a fiercely competitive local market, with numerous competitors vying for the same client base. To exacerbate matters, their Google Business Profile was underutilized, lacking essential information and customer engagement. This led to a limited flow of phone calls and leads, despite a substantial portion of potential clients turning to online searches for plumbing solutions. 

The Strategy

Focus on Local SEO and strengthen the signals Google look for when ranking service based businesses.  Establish trust with the Google algorithm so we eventually will get our share of leads.

Our solution for Total Plumbing combined our strengths of Google Business Profile optimization and SEO strategies that we’ve put together and tested time and time again. We revamped their Google Business Profile with updated content, responsive customer engagement, review management, and quality images to enhance credibility and force Google to recognize Total Plumbing as a reputable local company. Simultaneously, a comprehensive SEO strategy was implemented along with some paid ads, including keyword research for high-margin terms like water heater repair and clogged drains, on-page optimization to improve search engine visibility, monthly press releases to hit the map pack on the same keywords positioning Total Plumbing as an industry expert, and a citation-building campaign for enhanced credibility. This Monster Boost System we’ve developed resulted in a remarkable 1200% increase in phone calls and leads within six months, improved search engine rankings, enhanced online reputation, higher conversion rates, and a positive ROI, establishing Total Plumbing as a standout presence in the local plumbing market of Mooresville, NC. 

Proven Results

Almost 1200% increase in phone calls, impressions, and online traffic. We are now continually generating calls everyday and increasing online visibility.

Groove SEO’s Monster Boost strategy has proven itself time and time again.  Total Plumbing had their first focus on increasing phone calls which have achieved and kept steady day by day.  Next for Total Plumbing they are wanting us to target specific keywords to ty and target certain plumbing services that lead to high customer value.  We’re certain we’ll achieve this next goal with the support of the Total Plumbing staff and the trust they have put in Groove to make it happen. 


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Total Plumbing’s successful journey with Google Business Profile and SEO optimization highlights the potential for local businesses to increase phone calls and leads by strengthening their online presence. The strategic enhancements made to their online profile and website propelled them to the forefront of the plumbing industry in Mooresville, NC, proving that a well-executed online strategy can significantly impact business growth and success.

If you are looking to boost your online presence, attract local customers, and achieve remarkable results like Ultimate Swag, we can help you implement a tailored SEO strategy to take your business to the next level.

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Despite being a startup facing real challenges trying to compete in an industry that has high competition, the team at Groove SEO managed to help my dreams come true.  We’ve been placed on NBC news, USA TODAY, and many more.  The results that Kelly, Will, and the team at Groove SEO have delivered is truly invaluable and I’ll forever be greatful.  I can’t recommend them enough.

Tom Stoudenmier

Owner, Total Plumbing

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